Stone Road Farms Auctions off World's Most Expensive Joint for Charity


Enter Stone Road. A brand that stands behind quality in every aspect from flower to concentrates to charitable events. Stone Road Farms provides organic pre-rolled joints and handcrafted concentrates. 

With the recent recreational legalization in California, many brands in the cannabis industry are celebrating prosperous futures. Stone Road Farms is among several canna brands that were able to secure the proper compliance to continue into the new recreational world. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say, and Stone Road Farms takes it to heart. 

To celebrate, Stone Road threw a private party with charitable initiatives. Guests were treated to Stone Road's finest pre-roll offerings and many celebratory gold joints in Downtown LA's organic nursery, Fig Earth Supply. A live performance by Gabriel Garzon-Montano set the mood for the evening. To top, @weavers_, a wizard of creatively rolled blunts, prepared a gorgeous 24k gold wrapped joint in the shape of an elephant tusk, valued at over $24,000. The elephant tusk was auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the African Wildlife Foundation demonstrating that the industry can benefit much more than itself while bringing attention to an amazing cause. 

Be sure to check out Stone Road's Organic Pre-rolls and handcrafted concentrates here, @StoneRoadFarms 

Photography: @thecalebwing via @stonedfoxmag

Via: @Hightimesmagazine

Via: @stoneroadfarms