Shine x Re:stash Jars


The Mason or Ball jar has been the iconic home for most of the world's top shelf product since, well forever. It's for good reason too. Glass containers offer some of the safest, air tight storage you can find. In today's increasingly expanding market, high quality product is becoming easier to come by and it's important to store it correctly to preserve flavor and potency. Three major factors are air, light and moister. A tight seal will keep air and moister from moving in and out and storing in a dark place is optimum as light can degrade potency and flavor on its own. 

Well, its 2018 and your stash jar could use a few #upgrades. Re:stash, from the Mason-re team is the first child-resistant, mason jar based container. That's right, the lids are child-resistant and are in compliance with 4 of the legal states. They also utilize the original mason center lid to allow for that legendary seal. Each jar comes with a silicone koozie that will protect it from drops. Seriously, from 5ft on concrete, not even a crack in the glass jar. The koozie doubles to hide the jar from light and... unwanted eyes. 

Shine teamed up with Re:stash to bring you a protective jar with some swagger. Personally, only the stickiest of the stash goes in this jar. Get your limited Shine x Re:stash Jar below before supplies run tf out!