Shine Papers to be featured in Barneys New York new Luxury Cannabis Lifestyle Shop “The High End” in Beverly Hills Flagship and

Shine has been the talk of the town, unsurprisingly, as a forthcoming partnership with Barneys New York trailblazes the way for some of the most notable press mentions as of late.

barneys the high end shine papers

This month Barneys New York, the luxury specialty retailer, announced that it will be opening "The High End", making it the first major retailer to launch a luxury cannabis lifestyle and wellness concept shop. The High End will open in Barneys New York's Beverly Hills flagship, featuring an exclusive partnership with upscale cannabis company Beboe, and an extensive selection of accessories and lifestyle products. Select accessories featured in The High End will also be available on Barneys New York plans to expand The High End to additional locations in the near future. (source: Barneys New York)

Among the products for sale, Shine Papers products will be featured in the form of cones, 2-sheet packs, and 6-sheet king size packs.

The new partnership is garnering tons of buzz in the media already with shoutouts from the likes of Fast Company, Robb Report, The Hollywood Reporter and CNN. USA Today interviewed Shine’s founder and CEO, Dave Brown, for their piece on the intersection of cannabis and luxury. "It was clear to us that, like nearly every product category, whether it be cars, spirits or electronics, there’s always a demand for top-shelf options,'' but "there’s still a ton of education needed to remove the stigma around cannabis,'' Brown says. "When people stop seeing it as a drug and start seeing it as a healthier alternative to alcohol for recreational use, as well as a plant with tremendous medicinal value, that’s when the stigma will be eradicated.''

Metro Silicon Valley’s online publication Metro Active featured Shine’s gold cones on their Valentine’s Day gift guide, while POPSUGAR mentioned Shine Papers in a throwback reference to Gweneth Paltrow’s 2011 Oscar’s performance. The writer suggested she might have considered rolling up some of our papers to help quell her nerves before the performance. Alas, Shine wasn’t quite yet, but we got you next time, Gwen. ;)