Pure Leaf Launch Party with The Game

Pure Leaf Launch Party with The Game


The @pureleafwraps launch party was a success! This past Thursday we brought together some of our closest friends, industry leaders and The Game to help release Pure Leaf Wraps. Needless to say, it was LIT. 

Pure Leaf Wraps, the world's best blunt wrap, has an interesting story and needed a equally awesome party to start off its launch. Where better than LA? and how about 11 stories up with a roof top deck? Sounds great. 

We started the Evening in the Green St. Gallery with drinks, blunts and some amazing food including 24k gold coated brie cheese prepared by @knifeforhire. As the evening progressed we moved to gold joints stuffed with @kushupscannabis reserve og and infused ice cream from @dr.norms. Just about the time the building started to pack out, we decided to break out the 24k gold coated shot gun blunt that was so graciously made by @weavers_. At this point it was really LIT. Not more than 30 minutes into lighting it did we set the fire alarm off! Haha, we moved the party outside and grabbed a few drinks from the @fogshots crew on our way up to the roof top deck. We kept the party going with @fatboy_sse and @Losangelesconfidential  passing the 24k Gold Shot gun blunt around the crowd with some champagne courtesy of @Robertburnswines.

It's been a while since we've had that much fun at any event and we were even happier to see everyone else enjoying themselves just as much. We hope you all enjoyed and welcome to the #pureleafgang. If you missed the party, make sure to stop over to pureleafwraps.com and try out our new wraps! #pureleafwraps #pureleafgang #superiortobacco #givemethatleaf

Shine has been known for its innovative 24k Gold rolling products. Innovation, creativity and quality are what we live for. As long-time advocates and consumers paired with our place in the industry, we have the unique opportunity to have seen (and tested) pretty much everything there is available today. Little do most people know is that we also hold a strong foundation in the luxury cigar market. We know cigars. We of course were no stranger to the typical tobacco products used currently. We always joked about how bizarre it was that, collectively, the market was primarily providing some of the lowest grade tobacco. More so, that consumers were using it to re wrap some of their finest green. We thought, you don't take a Benz to Maaco for paint job, right? You wouldn't pair a nice Bordeaux with McDonalds, right? They why would you wrap your finest product in something that belongs in the trash?

We decided then and there it was time for shine to provide a tobacco wrap product that was worthy of adorning a cup winning strain. We were going to give the people top tier product because no one else was. Using our knowledge of premium cigars, we started out with Shade Leaf. Shade Leaf is typically reserved for the outer most wrapper (arguably the most important leaf on a fine cigar). It is a thin leaf that tends to be cured to a very light hue with a very mild flavor.

To provide a truly premium product we knew we needed to take it even further by hand selecting prime cuts of leaf, ensuring no holes, blemished or thick veins. Each wrap comes pre-cut, no filler and binder tobacco to wastefully throw away. Just roll it up and light it. We even added a natural glue strip for easy sealing! We have flavored our wraps with Golden Honey and Double Cup flavors. Golden honey will provide you with a slight, sweet nectar flavor where as Double Cup provides a perfect combination of grape and lemon lime. Each, although rather fragrant when opened, have been fine tuned to a mellow combination. This allows the consumer to also enjoy the natural refined flavor of the tobacco itself.

We spent our first year with this product in full consumer R&D mode. We wanted to know what true users and connoisseurs thought. We had a lot of great feedback. We scored points in all of the areas we aimed for, flavor, quality of leaf, cut and packaging. Being a thin leaf, Shade leaf proved to be far too delicate for even some of our more experienced rollers and certainly did not come easy for a novice. We knew that this would be a paramount feature and had to be addressed. After sampling what seemed to an endless stream of tobacco suppliers we found what we needed. A truly amazing stock of premium broadleaf. It was thicker and more durable than Shade Leaf but thinner than common broadleaf. It was smooth and absolutely beautiful. At this point we knew the product was perfect and ready for market. 

Welcome to a whole new level, this is connoisseur grade.

Photography courtesy of @nicholasjandora 

Gold Shot Gun by @weavers_ 

24k gold coated brie by @knifeforhire



The @prettypotheads crew were in the building

@Losangelesconfidential  loved the shot gun blunt






@jerrykrecicki is one bad ass mf. 









 @jasonpinsky Jason Pinsky, Cannabis Producer Bong Appetit VICELAND and Chief Cannabis Advisor EAZE checking out some flower from @kushupscannabis