Introducing: "Blaze by Shine" Hemp Blend Papers


The luxury brand steps into the mainstream space with conventional rolling papers.

blaze by shine hemp blend rolling papers

For immediate release: Shine Papers released their latest product, Blaze by Shine, an ultra-thin hemp blend rolling paper. The brand promises “everything you love about Shine, just without the gold.”

A riff on a classic, Blaze by Shine uses the same paper to which the 24K gold of Shine Papers adheres. The hemp blend aims to ensure a clean, slow-burning process. The translucent - nearly transparent - paper appear delicate at first sight but is exceptionally durable in comparison to similar products on the market.

Another asset to the thin paper is the flavor. While many products on the hemp paper space have a strong hemp essence, Blaze by Shine manages to maintain a mild taste, allowing the product of choice to be the prominent flavor attribute.

“Blaze by Shine is the Monday - Thursday to Shine’s Friday and Saturday,” says CEO and Founder Dave Brown.  “People are always blown away by how clean tasting Shine Papers are, and its the hemp blend paper base that’s actually driving that experience. We thought it would be a great idea to offer that as a stand-alone product while keeping our fans loyal to the Shine Brands products. We’re really excited about the opportunities for people to enjoy our products in more diverse settings.”

MSRP for a pack of 32 papers is  $3.25 and is available now on and in head shops and convenience stores nationwide.