Gold Basel


Art Basel Miami did not disappoint this year, especially if you found yourself at #Goldbasel. Art Basel, an international arts fair known for bringing together the world's premier artists, was everything and more this year. We here at Shine had the opportunity to team up with one of our favorites, Mister E for his showcase, Gold Basel. If you are a fan of Shine, you understand that we love louder than life statements, luxury and Gold! Mister E, inspired by the most recent $100 note, brought to life a flavor of celebratory excess like no other.

As you enter the show parking lot you may have noticed the billboard size "Benny" exploding with color, adorning an exterior wall, or you may have been too distracted by the i8 and armored vehicle, wrapped stunningly with an oxidized rust and gold detail @metrowrapz. Walking through the gold door of Mister E's Gold Basel, you soon come to find yourself in E's world. Live models @partyrobotinc laundering pop-art "benny jrs", Lamborghini doors hanging from the ceiling, notes on canvas and of course, the "Original Benny", a $100 bill frozen perfectly in a clear acrylic cube-were all pieces and installations under heavy security. 

The night was elevated with musical stylings of Realssm, Rascal, ESP, ATG, Xpress and Skitty. Realssm had a show stopping performance atop the 23.75k gold grand piano as he serenaded the crowd with his sax. Libations were provided by @Ombradipantera and gold papers filled the air and adorned some of the installations. If you were feeling like spending some money that night, there was no shortage of luxury goods as @Shopgld brought out several stunning pieces in their GLD store.

Gold Basel was a terrific event and could not have been possible with out E and his amazing team. As purveyors of innovation and luxury, we couldn't help but be a part, it spoke so clearly to what we at Shine are passionate about. We hope that it will inspire those that share our passion, to continue to push the limit as well.