Blunt of the Week


Welcome to a whole new way of smoke-able expression!

Introducing The Blunt of the Week! Every week we will release a new and creative design. We will take inspiration for current events, fashion, and artists including YOU! Yes that's right, you lovely people will be able to submit your own art work for the chance to be featured! How cool would it be to smoke your own art!?

Only 20 packs (2 wraps per pack) will be available for purchase though

We only use a Soy based, edible ink. The Blunt of the Week will be posted every week and available for purchase until the next is posted.

A few deets about it:

1. There will be no guarantee your submission will be accepted. Crude, illicit or inappropriate art will not be accepted.

2. All submissions MUST be in a 2"x4" graphic or 2x4 ratio. We recommend 150 - 300 pixels/inch.

3. All submissions MUST be in a .jpg or .pdf format

4. Submissions can be made at any time and may be used at a later date.

5. We recommend that you don't blow up our inbox with submissions or we will block you.

6. You willingly sacrifice all copyrights/ownership to any work used. We cannot use already copyrighted material. 

7. We will give credit for any submissions, please provide an Instagram username with submissions. We will also send you 2 packs on the house. An acceptance email will be sent where you then can provide shipping details AS WELL AS PROOF OF ID!


1. As this artwork will be printed on a tobacco base, bright or light colors will come out differently.

2. 'White' will not appear and can be used in artwork to limit ink.

3. All art looks cool as is. This bish is going to be rolled up so repeating patterns and designs that will coincide with its rolled form work best.

4. Small or fine details will not appear well and maybe subject to bleeding.

All submissions can be emailed to: